Friday, June 22, 2012


I have collected quite a few Bonanno sandals, and while I love all of them, I wear the tan and pink ones daily--I live in those shoes.  I have owned them since 2005, and the soles had become paper thin and the heels were worn down.  I dropped them off for repair, and now I have four old sandals which, I swear, look brand new!

Whether it's new products or repairs that a shopper may want, she will find peerless workmanship at Bonanno's.  I once left  for repair a pair of Enzo flats that most people would have thrown away.  I got them back looking as good as when I left the shoe store.

I'm glad the factory is back in our area.  I consider you a local treasure and don't bother to shop for other sandals.  I could never be as happy with another brand as I am with my Stephen Bonanno's.

Thank you,
Rita Charnock
West Palm Beach