Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How it all began ...

Hand-Made, unique and beautiful.
Your dog will be howling for one of its own.

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How to Order your Dog Collar
Preppy Hound dog collars are all hand made by Vivian with under the Prep Shop tab

Me and my Scottish Terrier Rippy having a howling good time

The inspiration ... a simple drawing.
It was all MY idea ... :)
Preppy was inspired by a simple drawing my husband Domenick doodled many years ago. I held onto it because I loved it, and knew one day I would find use for it.
The brand took on a life of its own ...

2011, after encouragement from my cousin's Melanie and Robin who said, "hey, what about dog collars?", I set out to do just that ... design my own dog collars,
but along the way I discovered it wasn't as easy as I thought ... so I got my brother and sandal designer Stephen Bonanno involved. He helped me create the patterns, figure out the measurements and find the right suppliers (basically, he did all the hard work).

 Our Scottish Terrier, Rippy was my perfect patient model thru the whole process. Allowing me to use her to make sure my collars fit, held up and were comfortable.
Every collar is customizable and hand-crafted in the good ole USA. 

I hope you love them and will help me spread the word.
                                                                                                            -- Vivian

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trunk Shows

If you are a Monogram Shop who loves to do trunk shows ...
We have the perfect Monogram package for you!

The 2012 Must-Haves!


They're all the Rage ... 
Palm Beach "Rainbow Multi"
 Adults $159.00   PB Bailey Kids $124.00

Phone in Order
w/ Vivian 772-260-3525
HOURS: 8am til 10pm 7 days

Style: Palm Beach Custom, Main color: White, Whipstitch: Rainbow Multi
HOURS: 24/7

Stephen Bonanno Sandals
W Palm Beach Boutique
319 Belvedere Rd
(corner of Olive Ave)

Stephen Bonanno Sandals
Stuart Factory/Boutique
882 SW Enterprise Way
(off Kanner and Jack James Dr)