Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where in the World ... Series

Where in the World are your Stephen Bonannos?

Bride: Ali
Groom: Travis
Photographer: Michael Pierce

They were the perfect accessory for our June Santa Fe, NM wedding...  
I was so happy to slip off my "church shoes" and slip into these for the reception, once they were officially my new initials!  I wore them the whole honeymoon, too...

Thanks for everything!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WPB Factory

I love what they are doing!
Domenick and I stopped by to see the progress of the WPB factory ... oh my gosh, it's great!

It has a warm and welcoming feeling. Laid out so when you pull up or walk by you can see the cobblers making sandals. I love it!
... and of course everyone is so friendly you just want to hang and have your morning coffee there. ;)

The retail boutique is cute too. OK, so maybe it has something to do with my adorable Preppy Hound dog collars and ball caps displayed in the showroom among his beautiful sandals and handbags. wink. wink.  So much color!

... and the discount bins. Have you seen them? These are sandals that have small imperfections that Stephen will not sell at full price. He puts them in the bins at 50% OFF!  Can you believe it?!

Everyday the bins are picked through, so there's really no way to know what each day will bring, but if you're feeling lucky you just may find the perfect pair at a discount.

The best part of my experience at the W. Palm Beach Factory ... Stephen is on site to welcome is customers and to accommodate their needs. They were thrilled to see him again and I can see he is back where he belongs ... in the thick of things, interacting with his customers directly, doing repairs and making sandals.

Stephen is 4th generation cobbler and an expert with shoe/sandal/boot, handbag and luggage repair. He can do some pretty amazing things with his hands.

When you're in the area, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from the town of Palm Beach, City Place and the Kravis Center. You owe it to yourself to experience Stephen Bonanno, the factory in West Palm Beach just off Okeechobee Blvd.

561-249-0667 (call for store hours)