Saturday, July 14, 2012


Dear Vivian,

Just a note to thank you and all the SBS staff for the happy, happy pair of Rainbow Palm Beach's!  
They are so just fabulous--I am trying to think of some fabulous place for a 
"where in the world" photo that would truly show them off.  

As always, thank you for your assistance and professionalism!


Cindy M
Manasquan, NJ



Just a short note to say how much more I LOVE Stephen Bonanno sandals than the Jack Rogers.  I just got back from a week in Austin, TX and as it is so hot, take nothing but sandals.  I had 5 pairs and one was a pair of JRs from before I knew of Stephen Bonannos.  Let me tell you, if my feet could speak they would be shouting to the world to only wear Stephen Bonannos. I was constanly on the go and one day my feet hurt and that was the only day I wore JR's. Next day I was back in SBS and all was well.

It's only Stephen Bonanno's for me from now on. END. OF. STORY.

All the best,
Lisa M

Where in the World ... Series

Where in the World are Your Stephen Bonannos?
I'm getting ready to head back up to Florida State for my senior year. I started packing today, left the room for one minute and I come back to see my beloved Maine Coon lounging in my suitcase next to my new FSU Bonannos. Well, at least he has good taste...too bad he won't be able to join me and my SBs in Tallahassee this year!
-- Ali

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The West Palm Beach factory and stores will be closed on Sundays and Mondays from July thru October.

Where in the World ... series

Where in the World are Your Stephen Bonanno Sandals?
Eclairee swim wear's photo shoot in New York City.
Kelly Carrington (Stephen Bonanno Sandal Signature Boutique's "first" employee) is an up and coming fashion designer now. The swim wear is sexy and sophisticated. Loving it. Good luck and much success Kel!

Fashion designer, Kelly Carrington loves her SBS and her assistant is wearing them too. Yay!