Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SBS Social Networking

Hi ladies,
I know this is a rare appearance on the blog, Vivian does all the updating, but I wanted to share with you that Stephen Bonanno Sandals is using social networking to keep you informed of the latest styles, Viv's favorites, new colors and reminding you of our annual sales or discounts through-out the year.

If you haven't, be sure to join, sign up or save us to your favorites:
* Facebook: "Stephen Bonanno" (my mug).
* Twitter: http://twitter.com/SBSandals_PR our PR Girl works hard to keep you posted on the latest updates.
* SBS Blog: http://sbsandals.blogspot.com/ my sister Vivian keeps it interesting and posts all the exciting SBS news & photos.
* SBS VIP Club: This is new for us, to join you just need to text from your cell the code word and receive "exclusive" discounts.
FL: text BAREFOOT to 32020
Out of State: text SANDALS to 32020
* SBS Website: http://www.sbsandals.com/ we hope you will find it easy to navigate thru the site to order your favorite styles.
We are always ready to help you with questions or to place your order by calling us:
Toll free: 866-313-3338
Stuart Factory Boutique: 772-219-7629
WPB Boutique: 561-670-2200
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

-- Stephen Bonanno